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- Healing from the past - Overcoming obstacles - Positioning for a brighter future - Equipping with empowering tools -

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Rev. Vince and Min. Joy, affectionately known as VinceNJoy, have served in ministry for over 20 years. They count it an honor and privilege to serve families, marriages and on various church assignments. These assignments have afforded VinceNJoy the opportunity to assist in the development and growth of the church, leadership and emerging leaders.


They have not only celebrated the successes during their union but have survived the failures that have presented great challenges in their marriage. Their ability to stand on a fully developed foundation through it all has developed in them the desire to help other couples do the same.


VinceNJoy have a unique ability to help couples identify and work through the root problems of their marriage while helping them to heal. They understand that often present pain, anger and frustrations stem from unresolved healing and/or unresolved resolutions from the past. This uniqueness they have to bring new vision and perspective to the couples’ marriage has led them to becoming a well desired couple others seek to work with, sit under, and brought in as lead facilitators and speakers at various events. With each other’s support they minister individually as well as a couple.


Together they equip and empower marriages to become the solid model that God intended for the marriage. They produce powerful couples helping them to reach their ultimate desired goals in their marriage as well as individuals. VinceNJoy understand what it is like to feel wounded by your spouse and even sometimes wounded by God.  They help couples form as a team in their marriages, understanding what position in life as a spouse they must play depending on their season.


Vince has 30 years of experience as a talented Mortgage Officer who has served in helping communities and families over the past 30 years.  He has assisted over 1,000 families in obtaining financing to purchase homes during his career.  He has dedicated his services to families by helping them to accomplish their dream of homeownership. Rev. Vince is the founder of the Online Worship Community where he is passionate about going after those who have abandoned church.  He oversees OWC as they are Restoring, Reconciling and Reviving the soul.

Joy is our Founder and CEO of  JoyNspiresU Inspiration Company™. Along with her passion for marriages, she is passionate about helping the mother and wife understand their power of influence they have in and outside of their homes.  She aids in the development of healthy leadership; empowering them in how to lead from a healthy place and not from hurt and pain. She is the the Author of the anticipated book Embrace Grace© published by TBN’s publishing arm Trilogy. Joy loves serving beside her husband.  She is the co-founder of the Online Worship Community which her husband birthed and founded.


Vince and Joy are college sweethearts and have been married for almost 30 years. They have raised 4 dynamic children ages ranging from 17-29. Their priority in life is to live seeking to individually please God first, then as a couple while seeking to please each other.


They offer the following services but not limited to; speaking at Couples Retreats,  Workshops, Couples Galas, Banquets, Special Events, Tag Team Preaching, Marriage Revival and  Marriage Coaching.  They guide couples to victory through any season of their marriage while aiding them in building healthy,  safe boundaries for themselves individually and their marriage.


Become the powerful couple your union was created to be! Invite VinceNJoy into your marriage life! Connect with VinceNJoy by putting “Interested in how VinceNJoy can help” when you connect with Joy.

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Blank Page: Who We Are

Programs for Wives & Moms

Ladies, you are so special! Your ability to carry so much on your shoulders is commendable!  For almost 25 years I have had the opportunity to work with moms, wives as well as ladies in church and community Christian leadership capacities!


Did you know you as a wife or/and mom are considered leaders? Your have the power to influence your husbands and children's lives.  Others in your church and community are watching you and your interaction with your family. What they see  is having an influence on their decisions of how they will interact with theirs..


I understand as a leader the various ways we must interact with others. Rather we serve in ministry inside or outside of our homes, our interaction with others has a great impact! I have designed a special Ladies in Leadership Training just for you!  This training will help you maximize your influence you have on your husband, children, extended family, church and community!  I am so passionate about you! Together let’s strengthen how we make a godly impact on our families, communities, and churches!

Connect now to stay up to date on when special programs will be offered as well as others designed to support and strengthen you!



Blank Page: Who We Are
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