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Experience Hope

- Healing from the past - Overcoming obstacles - Positioning for a brighter future - Equipping with empowering tools -

Blank Page: Who We Are

Ladies, you are so special! Your ability to carry so much on your shoulders is commendable!

There are times it seems as if our prayers are going unanswered. We often don’t see the changes we desire in our children, spouses, and families. It never ceases to amaze me, our willingness to invest so much time, energy, and resources into our husbands and children followed by our ability to endure to wait and see the outcome. 

We often find ourselves faced with outcomes that are not what we hoped or dreamt. How we maneuver through our disappointments is crucial for our wellbeing! As a wife for 31 years, a mother of 4, ages ranging from 21-31, as well as an a speaker and entrepreneur, I understand the various challenges we face. If you ever wonder what God’s grace looks like, look in the mirror and you will see it shining through the delicate ways of your faithfulness, strength in your ability to endure, and your commitment to wisely love unconditionally.

Let’s stay connected so together we can strengthen how we make a godly impact on our families, communities, and churches!

“Transparency and honesty grew their confidence in me as well as their respect for me and
made me a trusted advisory once again in their lives.” (Excerpt from Embrace Grace)

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