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Do you need some M.E TIME? Marriage Encouragement and Empowerment is essential to a marriage

Vincent & Joy Briscoe

It was difficult for us to merge as a team again. Our hearts were filled with our own individual survival mechanisms to protect ourselves so we could survive life’s storms!

We both felt wounded and abandoned by God. Can you imagine that when you and your teammate/husband are both wounded? How does the team play when all the players are injured? 

(Excerpt from Embrace Grace)

Marriages have their share of both happy and difficult challenges. 

Yet God’s grace is more than enough to guide us through!  Grace provides the strength and wisdom our marriages need to see us through. Not only do we pray for God’s grace, but we must also fully understand how to use the power it brings, properly.  Grace is an essential tool and when used improperly it will wreck more damage to the challenges you are faced with.


Don't let your season manage your marriage, we are here to help your marriage manage it's season!  

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