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You will empowered by:


Each lady who participates in this program will

walk away empowered by:

  • Understanding her Power of Influence

  • Learning how to use her power of influence in her home life and ministry

  • Identifying her individual temperament (personality)

  • Understanding how childhood dynamics affects her temperament (personality) 

  • Understanding how it impacts her power to influence others

  • Learning how to bring influence to each temperament (personality) in her home and her ministry

  • Understand why the people she interacts with do what they do

  • Answering the “How do I apply this in my home”

  • Connecting the dots to why certain patterns are in you, your spouse and/or family's life

  • Healing & transitioning from allowing your past to dictate your present decisions

  • Learning how to overcome obstacles keeping you from your purpose and the life you desire

  • Positioning yourself for the brighter future you long for

  • Identifying and understanding how to use  your tools and spiritual gift for every one of your situations. 

Don’t allow what you are not seeing in your home discourage you from the impact you’re already making!!

Sign up individually OR sign up for our group sessions by bringing your own group of ladies together!

**Individual and group pricing available! 

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